Budeshi as a standalone independent platform cannot be sustained if the systems that generate data on public contracting do not support its existence. Contracting data is generated from the public sector, whose duty it is to provide public services. In fact, the rigour of having to request for data and then convert it to the OCDS before any meaningful monitoring can be undertaken is indication that the reforms required to ensure data coherence go deeper than deploying a civic tech platform. Here are some of our thoughts on the Future of Budeshi.

 Image Source: open-contracting.org

In the last nine years, considerable work has been done by the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) in promoting public procurement reforms in Nigeria.  Having led the process for the development standard bidding documents and manuals, sustained the publication of  a list of high value contracts awarded, invested in the continuous development of a ...

How long does it really take to successfully advocate for a change in public policy and practise? From my observation, it could take a bit of time and requires a deep level of dedication and fervency of spirit. It took 11 years for Nigeria to enact an FOI legislation, it is taking Ghana 13 years and still counting. In spite of these grim statistics, my colleagues and I managed to advocate for the adoption of the Open Contracting Data Standards in the space of 9 months. This is the story of how we did it.

Now that Nigeria has developed institutions and procedures for professionalising public procurement, the next step to achieve greater competence and efficiency in the public service delivery process requires a system where everyone sees everything, a system inspired by open contracting.

The truth of the matter is that the challenges of our public procurement system are best known to us, Nigerians.

A significant part of these challenges is enabled by the obscure nature by which contracting information is often presented. The unwillingness of our procurement system to allow any interested person to openly and confidently connect ...

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